Sunday, September 14, 2008


Recycled, aged or used wood is used primarily for siding, timbers and flooring in custom homes. Recycled wood is obtained from companies that salvage and disassemble old barns and structures. Occasionally, a client finds and dismantles an old barn themselves.

Siding can be recycled wood milled into a ship lap or other profile, or it can be simple planks. Either way, the siding should be placed over an anti-infiltration barrier. If simple planks are used, there will be gaps between the boards. Any form of old wood may also have open knot holes. So that the white of the anti-infiltration barrier does not show through, black construction paper is placed just below the wood. Used wood as siding can be run vertically or horizontally, vertical wood siding requires horizontal nailers in the framing.

Timbers of aged wood are chosen for their look and character. Old wood timbers usually will not shrink, twist or crack as much as a new, wet wood timber.

Recycled wood for flooring can be obtained from specialty suppliers, ready for installation. It can also be found on old buildings and milled for floor use. Again, it is chosen for look and character. Again, its age and stability help it resist shrinkage.

This home in Winter Park, Colorado was designed by David Elfring Architect and built by Terra-Firma Custom Homes.